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My uncle Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes would thank him for it.” The little girl smiled and ran upstairs again. Ning Yi shook her head and took the game back to the room. There was no known person here. Who followed?
Juaner returned Cheap Nike VaporMax All Black Shoes to the room. Several people who had moved the goods had already gone out of the yard. She learned Ning Yis voice: Miss, Grandpa said, Thank you for the ladys sake.” Su Lan was followed by Su Erli who was watching the books. Knocked on his forehead, several men and women grew up from childhood. Although they talked about being humbled and humbled, they always had feelings like sisterhood. However, during the busy period, Su Taners not too much. Joke, after reading the books, Su Huaer carefully looked at the fabrics. At this time, the nephews and the children also came in. When she saw the nephew, she smiled and said, Will you go out and watch the chess with my uncle today?
Yeah. Nike Air VaporMax Mens The nephew shook his head and said, I cant read it.I dont like Go. Su Taner shook his head and went home for a busy morning. At this time, he was able to take a short rest, conveniently picking up a piece of rice paper on the table and frowning. My nephew: Is this really a poem written by my uncle?The Xuan paper was handcuffed by the nephew in the morning. When the probe looked at it, it confirmed: Yeah, Nike Air Max 2018 Mens I saw my uncle wrote and said that he did calligraphy.”

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However, Mens Air Vapormax Plus 2018 this time when Juan had asked him in the past, the news he received was slightly different.Most of the evaluations were naturally as usual. Ning Yi did not have a strong sense of existence in the alleys. Some people were still stressed by Juaner several times as men who lived in a certain house after the other person only remembered: Oh, But there is such a person.” Or say: That stupid stuff, I heard that it was where I went, and the yard was sold.” Probably I dont think I can test my fame.” Accounted for the vast majority.
However, Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2018 Brown Yellow there were also two or three people who came up with the following statement: Oh, Li Heng, I knew that he learned amazingly, but he always kept a low profile, and his temperament was stable. He was unwilling to compare with others. What kind of talent is it? Without a lot of ink, I like the limelight. This is called a full bucket of water that doesnt ring, half a barrel of water is sloshing… The girl you also heard that the water melody was the only way to inquire…”
Into the Nike Air Max 2017 Mens embarrassment, its because you have a marriage contract. Lihengs child is a real person. The marriage contract must be observed…”Seeing them come back, Juans upstairs is holding a big wooden box down: Uncle, Uncle, Miss. I heard that Uncle likes to play chess. He saw it on the street today and bought it for him.” It was actually someone else. The ceremony that was sent was not used by Su Taner, but it was a box with Go. Ning Yi was shocked: Nike Air Max 2018 Womens In this way, thank you for me.

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In the Mens Nike Air Vapormax Plus TN past few days, he was busy managing the many silk fabrics of the Soviet Union in Jiangning. During his spare time, he called Juaner to go to the hutong where Ningyi had previously lived to find out about the news. It was in the middle of business that occasional acquaintances contacted him. Will ask: Is Ning Yi Ning Liheng, is it your husband? Then he praised the song.
After getting Nike Air VaporMax Mens married, Ben should also bring his husbands husband to meet with the people he met before, but he can also take his own role as Luo Fus husband and talk about the business more easily. However, when I was married, I played some temperament, and Ning Yi was stunned again. Since then, it was time for self-cultivation. Today, the two peoples pattern of getting along is almost fixed. There is only some conversation when I eat at home. Although she took a natural attitude towards Ning Yi, she became a pro, more reserved and proud. After all, she has not yet made a joint effort with Ning Yi in addition to the last time she was asked to attend the Shiyuan Poetry Society. Go out to participate in something.
Arrived now, Cheap Nike VaporMax All Black Shoes the fear is more difficult to put forward.Everyone inquiries about and collects information about Ning Yi. Before the marriage, he actually did it once. Most of the fathers and grandfathers called people to do it. She herself and a couple of people had seen it before, and she let Juaner Juan Erxing. When I heard about Ning Yis criticism, the news I received at the time was only a simple nerd. It wasnt too high. Of course, people wouldnt be completely stupid enough to read a book, otherwise I wouldnt expect to accept it later. The Su familys proposal came in. In this year and a month, when a man wants to Nike Air Max 2017 Womens enter another family, he will probably recognize it.

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So in the Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes past few days, she met Ning Yi and her head was hiding.Among these people, the most complex of emotions is naturally Suan Tan. To be fair, the most concerned about her is not how talented the husband is, nor how eccentric his character is, but that she cannot read him.
She was Nike Air Max 2017 Mens originally married to Ning Yi because she was simple and she could easily understand this person. Even if she became a pro, the other person came in and he would be able to participate in the Sus career even more. Although this marriage is still nominal, but in her mind more or less has also accepted each other, then, it is only a matter of time.
It was only Nike Air Max 2018 Womens at this time that he discovered that he was completely invisible to this husband.Of course, at this time, there are some clues on this matter. The husband looks indifferent, not like a person who is mischievous, and Su Taner is a woman who is quiet and intelligent. It may not be panic. However, when dealing with various kinds of shops and things in the mind, it will inevitably stop at this matter. In such years, it will be a smart and independent girl Nike Air Max 2018 Mens again. As long as she marries, anyone can Does it really matter to your husband?

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These words Mens Nike Air Vapormax Plus TN are naturally true and false, but of course it is impossible for them to understand the facts and understand them. It is the best way to tie these feelings to things that have been hit and lost. This reason does not need to explain again. It is natural and reasonable and does not need to give the other party a gluttonous feeling of eating radish. Its just a matter of ones own side.
Sure enough, Nike Air Max 2018 Womens after the words were finished, Kang Lao Qin and the other two were somewhat puzzled. Ning Yi once again said the things of memory loss. The other person was just a look of demureness. Kang Xian shook his head and smiled. I dont think I had this thing. The idea was weird only after he lost his memory.
Later, Kang Nike Air Max 2018 Mens Lao no longer mentioned those things and drank a cup of tea. Ning Yi picked up the white board and charcoal and resigned to Yushan Academy. When the figure disappeared into the distance, Kang Lao sighed. I didnt expect to have this section. When I was beaten like that, I would play with an indifferent heart. Among the young people, there are those who have such a heart. Its rare, but its a pity that talent.
Qin Lao laughed and drank a cup of tea: He is only in his early twenties, and what will become of him in the future. Now how can he be quasi? With his talents, he must avoid the things he meets. Just look at what is happening today. Some things Nike Air VaporMax Mens are worrying… Ming Gong, Li Heng, this person is too pragmatic.

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I know there Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes may be no one to say this, but…something does not really want to be done. It is true that a good man, a good reputation, and a fame dont want to touch.
Ning Yis tone is indifferent, but the persuasive power contained in the discourse is no doubt that he is seriously answering this question. There is no reluctance, no hardships, and sincerity and magnanimity. At this time, he appeared to be a young man who was not in his early twenties. He was once a savvy writer. If the former nerd was afraid in front of the Qin Lao Kang Lao, he would stutter and even stutter. However, at this moment, he is a temperament. But it must not be overlooked. With this pair of statures, it seems to be aloof and free from object. If this temperament is in a forty-five middle-aged person, it is mature and plentiful, Yuan Yue Yue, language throwing money, no doubt.
It is precisely Nike Air Max 2017 Womens this way that his answer only made the two doubts. For a person like Kang Lao, the meaning of this is not simple. In addition, Kang Lao is not dealing with him in this way. He needs to repay him. If it is Ordinary people may suddenly stupidly drop their heads for arrogance or what to say, but Ning Yi is by no means such a gimmick. Among the doubts of the other party, Ning Yi smiled helplessly.
Oh, I also Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2018 Brown Yellow understand that this matter is puzzling, but… He gently tapped his forehead. The two guys may not know it. He had been stunned on the head a few months ago, and he just woke up a few days after he was unconscious. Formerly forgotten 7778, fame, it is indeed difficult to focus on the matter, as with a bunch of talented scholars lingered with the brilliance of the paintings, the poems for women favor, but also really can not afford too much interest. The children in the group were very interesting. They occasionally told them a story and noisy. Otherwise, if they came to the river and played chess and tea, they felt comfortable. There were also some interesting ideas in their heads. Slowly, I am satisfied with this life. As for the slightest eye, then why should I control him? What will happen in the future? I am still not sure about it. Nike Air Max 2017 Mens It is only the righteousness of the public that can really handle it.

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In this Mens Air Vapormax Plus 2018 afternoons dialogue, between the lines, Ning Yis intention to deny the name of the talented man is obvious. It does not seem to be a joke or casual perfunctory. In the world, there are people who really dont have any fame. Its always a bit of a secret. The identity of these two people is not simple. Since Kang Xian used this attitude to inquire about this sentence, it has actually been the idea of ​​cherishing it. This is already … attitude to help.
The autumn breeze Nike Air Max 2018 Mens blew on the riverside and touched the willow branch. Qinlao lifted the teacup and slowly moved the cup of tea. He looked up and apparently was curious about Ning Yis answer. Feeling the meaning of the words, Ning Yi shook his head lightly.
I know there Nike Air VaporMax Mens may be no one to say this, but…something does not really want to be done. It is true that a good man, a good reputation, and a fame dont want to touch.
Tietong Tietong is really unreasonable. Since the company has even had a Tietong network, it has been unable to play online games for a long time. Opening the website is also a problem. The last QQ verification has been N times. Today, there are festivals and festivals! The landline telephone was completely disconnected from the network. Until now, we had no choice but to send a message to the Internet bar…. Tietong users couldnt afford to hurt you. Weeping, and we didnt know how much Cheap Nike VaporMax All Black Shoes the community managers had received the Tietong company…

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Qin Laoxiang Mens Nike Air Vapormax Plus TN thought and shook his head: It is difficult to say this thing, but it is not a gentleman to do anything unfounded and unpredictable. According to what the old man saw on that day, this persons character endorsed the peoples morality, worried about the country and the people, It is definitely not loaded out, what will happen in the future, and what you want to do is to say what you want to do….Oh, the home of the meeting is also Jiangning. If he comes, if he comes, Li Heng will be able to meet with him. Maybe there may be common ground. Language…
Ning Yi blinked Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2018 Brown Yellow and then touched her nose in a complicated way. After a moment, she finally smiled and nodded.Qin Lao and Kang Lao did not see what was wrong. Kang Xian took up the tea cup and drank it, looking to Ning Yi: However, Li Heng is so talented. Is it true that there is no such thing as fame?
Purely in terms Nike Air Max 2017 Mens of time, Ning Yis relationship with the two people is not long. As Kang Xian said, it is just a matter of talking and chatting under the water. Its just that this type of literati doesnt care, but its mostly worrying about the country and the people. The thoughts for the heavens and the earth, for the sake of the people, for the life of the people, for the pilgrimage, for the eternal life, or for the sale of the martial arts to the emperors, are undoubtedly matters that need not be discussed. Today, it seems that Qin Lao played leisurely chess every day. Kang Xian is also a sender of wealthy idlers, but it must also have complicated reasons.
From these days of contact, to the Mid-Autumn Water Melody to the text chalk and the like, all sorts of things, for them, Ning Yis talented learning has no need to discuss, and the next question will be clear. stand up. It is a pity that, as it used to be, he occasionally sighed and sighed. He actually sighed rather Nike Air Max 2018 Womens than questioned. However, the question at this time was not of the same significance.

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Ning Yis Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes eyes twitched slightly. On the other side, Kang Xian fell back and laughed: What Qin Gong said is nothing more than the Qin Hui Qin Huizhi who is the prince of this imperial history?
Qinlao nodded Nike Air VaporMax Mens and said: This is this person. A few years ago, the Liao people went south and once fled to his family. However, this man also had a courageous and conspiracy, deep in the land of tigers and wolf, and he was still able to cohabit with the Liao people. When the Liao people attacked Shanyang, they took the opportunity to bring their families back home. Oh… now is he in the censorship?”
Some things Cheap Nike VaporMax All Black Shoes have been reported in the newspapers before the month. Because of the story of the return of the South, he is now heavily reused, especially when he is still in danger. He is said to have married his wife when he was in Liao country. Detained, the two took great pains to perform a good show, to be able to go south, the way the escape was found by the Liao people, but also a few loyal servants after the death of the hall escaped, showing that the royals have a side … … hey, is also a frontline battle unfavorable, he These deeds are even more precious, but nowadays, it is not blind to the admiration. There is also a lot of skepticism about his return to the South. He thinks that this matter Nike Air Max 2017 Womens is suspicious.

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The former Mens Air Vapormax Plus 2018 three people had charcoal strips in their hands, and the brewed tea was naturally not good enough to drink. At this time, it was a little late and there wasnt much to play chess. A few people sat in the tea stall for a while. New tea came. The white board was still on the side, and the topic was naturally still spinning around. Soon afterwards, Qin Lao commented on some of the styles of calligraphy today.
His own Nike Air Max 2018 Womens calligraphy is also good at it, commenting all the way, hand in hand, by the way, the word of Kang Xian also After ignoring it, Kang Xian also smiled and said, If you are a librarian or a madman, your old man may not be as good as you. If you are right, you are not as good as an old man.
Qinlao laughed: This is a special job in the industry. Minggong used the gentlemans method to train people all day. If the letter was bad, it was not convincing. It was only for the convenience of the training people. Ming Gong is the first person in history…
In such a joke, Nike Air Max 2017 Mens Qin Lao thinks about it and turns on the front. … However, seeing Li Hengs handwriting, it reminded the old man of a person. This person was also my Qinshi family, quite talented. When I was in Tokyo in early years, Once he had invested in an old man, he was very outstanding in his ability to talk and talked, and he wrote good characters. His style of composition and style was similar to that of Li Hengs style of three mountains and a half falling out of heaven”. … It was only that he hadnt had his handwriting that year, but Nike Air Max 2018 Mens now he doesnt know what to do.